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Janome 634D MyLock Serger by Janome

Most recent Janome 634D MyLock Serger Is Going to Make Life Simpler

Irrespective of how you look at it, there are going to be several forms of Janome 634D MyLock Serger available for purchase and some will be effective whilst others will probably be fantastic. Even though you might already have something that seems to operate okay, we at Janome are actually confident that you will discover the Janome 634D MyLock Serger can be a major step up from the model you are currently making use of as any item on the market can still be enhanced somehow to make your task easier.

Janome 634D MyLock Serger
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have discovered that lots of of the other companies appear to be happy to vary designs or even create a handful of easy changes to their current item and think of it as an "all new and improved model", regardless that so little is improved. As we produce a brand new version, we start from the start and accept simply the most effective capabilities and use them in the newer product. This way we understand that when you get our most modern type, you will be very happy with exactly what you get.

Needless to say we understand that options are crucial in almost any Janome 634D MyLock Serger you buy and you may find that there won't be any shortages of outstanding new features in our new product. We didn't spend time or funds adding capabilities which were of no use, you will find that every one of the capabilities we did add in serve a goal. It's to ensure that irrespective of what purpose you could have for buying the product, our item is the greatest one you have ever possessed.

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Janome 634D MyLock Serger

The MyLock 634D with electronic control is the most advanced MyLock serger. It has 2 needles and 2, 3 or 4 thread overlock stitching. The differential feed ratio, which is adjustable from .05 to 2.25, provides increased control for handling all types of fabrics and for creating desired special effects. Threading is a breeze due to color-coded thread guides and a self-threading lower looper. Simply lay the thread into the guide, flip a switch, and the lower looper is threaded. The guide is automatically returned to its normal position when you turn the balance wheel. And when you lift the presser foot for rethreading, the thread tensions are automatically released so you can draw the thread smoothly. The MyLock 634D also lets you quickly switch to rolled hemming without changing the needle plate. A lower looper pre-tension stitch eliminates the need to change tension for rolled hems. When you want to make the most of your serging time, with professional results, the MyLock 634D is unmatched. Features Lower/Upper Thread Tension Dial Right/Left Thread Tension Dial Needle Plate Side/Looper Cover Lower Looper Pre-tension Setting Slider Balance Wheel Stitch Length Dial Differential Feed Dial Machine Socket Upper/Lower Knife Cutting width adjusting dial Upper Knife Release Knob Needle Plate Setting Knob Waste Chip Box Accessory Box Included Accessories Standard Serger Foot Standard Thread Spool Caps (4) Needle Plate (standard) Spool Nets (4) Spool Holders (4) Upper Knife (1) Spreader (2 Thread Sewing Converter Attatchment) Large Screwdriver Small Screwdriver Spanner (Wrench for Changing Moveable Blade) Tweezers Lint Brush Oil Needle Threader Set of Needles Waste Chip Box Foot Control/Power Cord Instruction Manual Additional Images Janome Company Warranty 5 Years on Mechanical Parts 2 Years on Electrical Parts 1 Year Labor Offer Available On Orders Shipped To United States Destinations Only

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  • 2,3, or 4 thread serger, Lay-in thread tension dial, Threading chart
  • Color coded thread guides, tension release device, Easily Accessible lower looper guides, Changeable thread guide
  • Quick change rolled hem, Lower loop pretension setting slider, Easily retractable upper knife, Adjustable stitch length 1mm to 5mm
  • Differential feed ratio 0.5 to 2.25, Adjustable cutting width 3.1mm to 7.3mm
  • Waste chip box, Dust cover included


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